Car Repair for Women?

Should women be under the hood of a car? Or do we belong in the kitchen scrubbing pots and pans and making sure dinner is on the table for our loving husbands when they get home? I am a strange woman I suppose, I have always hated the idea of cooking, and cleaning, however the idea of working on a car gets me excited at times.

While I am not the greatest mechanic, I will say that I have a very good set of skills. I am capable of holding my own at the auto parts stores, and am able to make sure that I am not ripped off by mechanics at my local garage. Just today, we were working on the brakes on my car; we decided that it would be a good idea to start teaching our oldest daughter some very basic car information.

While we do not expect her to be changing oil, or doing brakes herself at this point, she is able to start learning what various tools are called, as well as what the different car parts are called. Doing the front pads on my car took less than an hour that included both sides, and showing my daughter a lot of different car spares.

I am sure that you are curious at this point how old my daughter is. You will likely be surprised to hear that my oldest daughter is only 4 years old. However, she is learning what sockets, pliers, and wrenches are. She also helped work on the brakes herself. While her talents are limited due to her age, she was quite happy spraying brake cleaner on the car and enjoyed the bonding moment we enjoyed.

Since I was 16 and got my own car my father insisted that I learn how to do car work myself, in the meantime I have very rarely used a mechanic for anything more than a basic oil change. While I do, have the knowledge to do an oil change, it is not something that interests me, I have better skills than that, and would rather spend my time doing other mechanic work.

I have never done work on anyone else’s car, however I was offered a job at a local mechanic shop when I was 16, I turned the offer down and decided to continue with my other job that I currently had. Whether or not that was a good decision is still open to debate, however I am very happy that I have the knowledge of cars and how they work that I do. I am grateful to my father for teaching me what I know. I am also grateful for the ability I have to help teach my own girls information about their own vehicles when they get older so they too will be protected from unethical mechanics shops.