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Practicing Responsible Care, All Neptune Logistics Staff Actively Participate in the Implementation of EHS Management System

Time:2023-08-07 10:39:00Num:1473 Source:大洋物流集團 Edit:Hazel Zhong

In order to deeply promote the construction of enterprise's social responsibility management and build a sustainable development ecology, last year, Neptune Logistics Group announced the introduction of EHS management system, i.e.: ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO45001 health and safety management system, SA8000 social responsibility management system at the year-end work summary meeting, which will be the key work for the enhancement of enterprise's management work in 2023 as This will be one of the key work to improve the management of the company in 2023.

EHS is the abbreviation of Environment, Health and Safety, which is the full name of "Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management System" in Chinese. It embodies the general direction and basic commitment of the enterprise in environmental, occupational health and safety protection. Neptune Logistics aims to continuously improve and strengthen the management level of environmental protection, occupational health and safety, energy saving and emission reduction, low carbon economy and social responsibility through the construction of EHS management system, to enhance the risk and crisis awareness of all staff, to help the company to realize long-term, benign and healthy development, and to continue to create benefits for the company's stakeholders.

Under the guidance of Zhu Luzhi, Chairman and General Manager of the Group, the Group Process & Quality Center took the lead in organizing and carrying out the work, introduced a consultant company after a comprehensive inspection of qualifications, professionalism, authority and other aspects, and organized the participation of various departments to set up an EHS implementation team. In January this year, Neptune Logistics was awarded the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification issued by DNV Certification, a senior international certification body, and in March 2023, Neptune Logistics formally launched the introduction of EHS management system.

Participate in training and guidance, develop rectification templates, and introduce management documents ...... The consultant assisted and supervised the whole process, and several departments linked up, so the Group adopted a "multi-pronged approach", and all employees actively participated in the implementation of the EHS management system:

The consultants went into the company's site many times, communicated with the heads of departments and key position holders one by one, and made preliminary research;

In the Group and subsidiaries around the world, the online + offline combination of the form of many training organizations, the heads of departments and key positions actively participate in the further study of the relevant system standards;

By the Group process & quality center and consultant teachers composed of the inspection team of each department, team "net" inspection, check the non-conformity of the proposed rectification program, the deadline for rectification in place, and strive to comply with the standards of the various aspects of the work, improve quality and efficiency;


On the basis of ISO9001 quality management system, Neptune Logistics Group's EHS management system is merged and compatible with the quality management system to make the document structure more concise and unified, and the EHS implementation team reorganizes the relevant documents of each department of the company, confirms the requirements for new additions and modifications, and communicates with each department about the requirements for the preparation and modification of the EHS system documents, so as to incorporate the standard requirements into the corresponding documents of the company. The standard requirements will be integrated into the corresponding documents of the company.

Cultivating standards into habits, making habits conform to standards, and establishing EHS concepts are the basis of EHS management work, and Neptune Logistics has been practicing it with actions.

Adhering to the concept of being responsible for the present and the next generation, Neptune Logistics has been practicing the concept of green environmental protection, not sacrificing the ecological environment for immediate economic benefits, carrying out clean industrial development, energy saving and emission reduction, and implementing the sustainable development of corporate social responsibility business model.

At the same time, Neptune Logistics takes the initiative to undertake corporate social responsibility and show its commitment. 2020, during the difficult period of the country, the first time to donate for Wuhan, transporting materials to support the front-line personnel; 2022, to support Xi'an, in the case of a number of material transportation routes were blocked, 24-hour active coordination of material deployment and transportation, donating a total of more than 200,000 yuan of materials; not only that, but also actively respond to the call of the government and sister enterprises, and work together with the government and sister enterprises to provide the best services to the people in China. Not only that, it also actively responded to the call of the government and sister enterprises, joining hands with the Minjiang River Bureau to donate a total of 90,000 yuan to Mucun Primary School in the remote mountainous area of Aba Prefecture; it also helped farmers with love, subscribing to pomelo and oranges with love to solve the problem of slow-marketing for the farmers, and so on.

In addition, Neptune Logistics is actively involved in social welfare, promoting social employment, entrepreneurship, the implementation of the enterprise "talent development plan", to create a high-quality talent team that can lead and support the long-term development of the enterprise.

Neptune Logistics is striving to create a green, healthy and safe employment environment for all its employees, so that they can gain both a sense of professional fulfillment and happiness. And every Neptune person should have a sense of responsibility and conviction that the mission will be accomplished, and work together to jointly promote Neptune toward a more sustainable future.


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