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Good News|Neptune Logistics was honored with the Outstanding Contribution Award for the 30th Anniversary of the Opening and Operation of the New Asia-

Time:2023-09-05 12:18:45Num:1382 Source:大洋物流集團 Edit:Hazel Zhong
The 8th China (Lianyungang) Silk Road International Logistics Expo was held in Lianyungang Industrial Exhibition Center from August 31st to September 2nd. Neptune Logistics Group was invited to appear on the exhibition site to learn from each other and exchange ideas with enterprises from all over the world and explore cooperation opportunities.

On the first day of the "2023 Belt and Road International Cargo Logistics Development Conference", Neptune Logistics Group was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award for the 30th Anniversary of the Opening and Operation of the New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge"!

△The second from the left is the representative of Neptune Logistics receiving the award: Nick Wu, head of Lianyungang team.

At 1:20 a.m. on December 1, 1992, the "Dongfeng 1808" locomotive pulled the first international container train from Lianyungang. Since then, the New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge (NEECB), a major railroad corridor that crosses Asia and Europe, has been officially opened.

As the eastern bridgehead of the New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge, Lianyungang is the sea gateway and the transportation hub connecting land and sea for the east-west two-way opening of the "Silk Road Economic Belt". Neptune Logistics and Lianyungang have written many beautiful stories.

As a practitioner of the "Belt and Road" initiative, Neptune Logistics has been actively responding to the call of the Party and the State over the years, exploring and expanding the overseas market, and giving support to Central Asia and China-European Union (CEU) trains. Base successfully made its debut, carrying 100 TEUs of tires, lamps, shoe soles, sockets and other small commodities produced in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai to Moscow, building another brand new international logistics channel between Lianyungang and Europe.

Nick Wu, head of the Lianyungang team, is in the center of the blue shirt.

In addition, Neptune Logistics has actively laid out all over the country, and through the constant round-trip services of the liner, relying on the stable and regular two-way, public and fixed liner, Neptune Logistics has transported small commodities, electronic products, textiles, automobiles and accessories, furniture, etc., to more countries, so that the gradually rising national products can also go on the stage of the world.

Honor is the affirmation of Neptune, but also encouragement and encouragement, Neptune Logistics will turn this recognition into action, not forgetting the original intention, move forward, and bring more high-quality routes and quality services to our customers!

On the other hand, the 8th China (Lianyungang) Silk Road International Logistics Expo is in full swing. The current Silk Road Fair to "build mutually beneficial win-win mechanism with the drawing of the land and sea transportation Silk Road map" as the theme, by the exhibition and special activities of the two parts of the composition.

In the "Belt and Road International Freight Logistics Development Conference" held at the same time, Zhao Qiang, Senior Director of Global Marketing Center of Neptune Logistics Group, brought the experience of China-European liner operation to the audience, and combined with specific cases, showed how Neptune Logistics flexibly uses multimodal transport services to customize logistics solutions for customers.

△Zhao Qiang, Senior Director of Global Marketing Center, Neptune Logistics Group

At the exhibition area of International Freight Liner Alliance in Hall 1, the brand image of Neptune Logistics as an "international multimodal transportation expert" made a wonderful appearance, attracting many visitors to stop to learn more about it and have a pleasant negotiation. The delegation of Neptune Logistics Lianyungang enthusiastically promoted Neptune Logistics' "end-to-end" international logistics services and actively sought for cooperation.

A bridge like a rainbow across Europe and Asia, the Silk Road bloomed new flowers, the eighth China (Lianyungang) Silk Road International Logistics Expo ended successfully, thanks to the hard work of the staff and the arrival of friends to support the scene.

As Mr. Song Bo, Vice Mayor of Lianyungang Municipal People's Government, said, "Lianyungang is a city of superimposed opportunities that carries high expectations." Neptune Logistics is located in Lianyungang, and in the future, it will continue to plough into the New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge corridor, live up to expectations, and move forward, injecting strong impetus for the high-quality construction of the "One Belt, One Road". We look forward to more opportunities to develop and cooperate with our customers and friends in the future.


Neptune Logistics was established in 2005, 20 years of experience, with a professional project logistics management team. is committed to providing customers with highly competitive standardized logistics solutions.

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